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Are your customers informed about progress of solutions?

Customers usually can't control your work easily - they don't know the status or their bugfixes and change requests. Are they able to enter you new tasks simple way?


CDESK informs the customer about the entire job process and discussion to the tasks he´s entered - by email notifications. Types of notifications can be set individually. Also, the customer can have access to CDESK, where he´ll be able to see all information, depending on his permissions. He can enter new tasks into the system easily, by many ways – by email, through web form, easyclick (client installed on his computer) and through his user account.


Employees and superiors don't have an overview of planned work

Do you have a clear overview of requests from customers and colleagues? You usually don't know which provided solutions are extra charged.


CDESK offers a clear overview about who entered a request, who is its solver and the deadline, within which it must be completed. Filtering by various attributes in requests helps to make the work more transparent. The employees enter their performances according to type of the job, divided by the way of billing to the customer.


Missing an overview of spent working time?

It's difficult to know accurately what working time of fulfillments and expenses has been spent on exact solution for invoicing purposes. There's no knowledge about costs and revenues.


Accounting module in CDESK allows entering of fulfillments to specific tasks according to the type of performed work.  Transparent reports offer information of how long did the employee´s solution take. The real working time can be distinguished from the time you invoice to the customer when entering the fulfillment.


Discussion and files necessary for work are not grouped at one place

There's no clearly arranged communication and files regarding to exact solution, it's difficult to find arguments and agreements quickly.


The company´s communication with customers and between the employees runs through CDESK, where it´s precisely assigned to the specific task. You may follow up a discussion anytime, historically search for steps and solutions agreed with the customer.


Is your charging policy clear and simple?

Are you able to simply invoice your work within the regular fee, charge performed solutions and services in various rates? 


CDESK provides an option to bill work to the customers precisely according to your company´s needs, with options of simple and transparent invoicing. The option to invoice work within a lump fee is obvious, as well as work beyond the regular fee in various rates, and also invoicing of one-time jobs. All invoices can be viewed anytime, as well as sent to the customer.


Reporting customer's satisfaction?

You're not able to demonstrate the quality of provided services and reliability with level of satisfaction to your customers.


Integral parts of CDESK are transparent, unambiguous reports and stats, by which you can demonstrate the quality of your offered services to every customer. Each customer, after his task is solved, has an option to give feedback of his satisfaction with the solution provided by your employees.


These problems were solved with product: CDESK Service desk

Used modules - included in product:

  • Cases (projects) - keep simple evidence of unfinished work, structured under specific customers
  • Communication with chat - quickly chat and react on questions from operators and customers, spread bulk messages to groups, create requests directly from chat
  • Mobile application with offline functions - access CDESK and manage tasks from anywhere, on the run
  • Helpdesk with SLA - clear overview of all opened tasks workflow management and compliance with deadlines, stored communication under specific events or customers
  • Planning - managing of events in planning calendar - their moving, allocation of dates and switching solvers
  • Calendar connector (Exchange, Gmail) - synchronize all events from other calendars into CDESK to have better overview of planned events

Used extensions - extra charged:

  • Billing of work, structured contracts evidence  - creation of business agenda and invoicing of specific fulfillments and services entered in CDESK by operators, clear evidence of various contracts and projects
  • Message processing (All e-mails to CDESK extension) - automated sorting rules for creating new events in CDESK on e-mails coming to your company addresses, setting of responsible persons for processing of all other messages