Expansion options for larger companies (complicated structures)



Do you effectively separate information visibility between regions?

Depending on region the operator is assigned to, it's difficult to permit him an access to specific information from other regions.


By simple configuration of CDESK permissions, you can separate the individual regions, individually for selected people. You may allow or permit access to particular data of the selected region. You can prevent the employees to access sensitive information.


Are you able to make customer's data accessible for more regions?

Making selected data accessible when the system is using common database is necessary for better overview and planning. Some tasks can't be accomplished without missing data.


CDESK offers multiple variations of management of access to information such as customers, their settings, tasks, devices, tasks of the colleagues, it enables configure each account with individual access to the system. The main advantage is the central database, which is mutual for all regions, and you just adjust permissions for access to it.


Optimized planning of services between regions / countries?

In case the technician must travel to customers from other region, is he able to plan these events and connect it with data from other region, see traces and current position?


CDESK extended by the module GPS monitoring of units inside vehicles grants overview of the current location of technicians for the needs of operative planning in all accessible regions. The routes are displayed on maps, from where it´s easier to plan all scheduled tasks more efficiently considering travel expenses and time.


Do you have reports and statistics for each region or groups of regions?

Is it difficult for you to have an exact overview of specific regions?


Large number of types of reports and stats in CDESK enables to create a report for each region separately, or for a selected group of regions mutually. This way you´re able to compare the efficiency of individual regions.


These problems were solved with product: CDESK Service desk

Used modules - included in product:

  • Cases (projects) - keep simple evidence of unfinished work, structured under specific customers
  • Helpdesk with SLA  - clear overview of all opened tasks workflow management and compliance with deadlines, stored communication under specific events or customers
  • Planning - managing of events in planning calendar - their moving, allocation of dates and switching solvers
  • Knowledge base - evidence of knowledge from technicians, learning materials, known problems and solution in structured, accessible database

Used extensions - extra charged:

  • Object database CMDB, SLA agreements  - evidence of all devices with details and relations, SLA terms on these devices
  • Map systems - displaying of routes, places, devices and requests on maps with color and symbol division of technicians
  • GPS vehicle tracking - real time location monitoring of installed GPS units in vehicle of each technician