Companies servicing devices from various areas



Which devices are you maintaining?

Do you have an overview of all devices you are responsible for? Their exact location, type and servicing conditions?  


CDESK contains a clear evidence of defined devices and groups, where you can register all sorts of properties according to your needs. The devices in the database can be mutually related, i.e. superior and subordinate objects with physical location by the GPS coordinates.


Do you keep clear history of events regarding to each device?

Knowledge of detailed evidence of device properties, revisions and change dates is necessary for maintaining the continuous operation.


Each change or a task regarding a device is registered in its history, with date and the person who performed the act. Each device can have supplies defined for it, with expiration date, before which you´ll receive a transparent CDESK report.


Forgetting to inspect particular devices?

Planning of all service actions and periodical revisions is best way to prevent the customers from interrupting the services which these devices are operating.


Planing calendar is an interactive tool to support the work of employees in CDESK. You always have graphical overview of the upcoming events, particular technicians, based on which you can manage occupancy of the workers for higher efficiency.


Can you operatively solve incidents by location of your service teams?

Knowing of exact location and planned trace of technicians can save time and traveling expenses while trying to get them into the place of incident.


Using the maps in CDESK, you can easily plan the routes of the technicians, which can significantly lower travel expenses. In association with the calendar, it´s possible to directly edit, move and switch solvers of all events, so that the working time is used most effectively. If an urgent problem occurs, you can operatively delegate the nearest worker for the job thanks to GPS tracking of vehicles´ location.


Can customers check the service history of their devices in your system via internet?

Do your customers have an access to your system with managed permissions, from where they are able to check the information about your provided solutions and services?


A customer with access to CDESK can view the history of all acts performed inside his company with division to separate devices. This detailed evidence will provide complete overview for the needs of verification, and improves your credibility.


Discussion and files necessary for work are not grouped at one place

There's no clearly arranged communication and files regarding to exact solution, it's difficult to find arguments and agreements quickly.


The company´s communication with customers and between the employees runs through CDESK, where it´s precisely assigned to a specific task. You may follow up a discussion anytime, historically search for steps and solutions agreed with the customer. 


Do you keep evidence of all changes, accessible to customers?

Reliable and serious service company provides customers with transparent information about all changes made on their devices, their warranty periods and times of services.


If you perform tasks, service inspections or you contact the customers in regular intervals, CDESK includes evidence of periodical, regular tasks, from which the request on a customer is created automatically within selected deadline. All data are displayed transparently in corresponding lists and in the Scheduling calendar – you will never forget your scheduled events again.



These problems were solved with product: CDESK Service desk

Used modules - included in product:

  • Cases (projects) - keep simple evidence of unfinished work, structured under specific customers
  • Mobile application with offline functions - access CDESK and manage tasks from anywhere, on the run
  • Helpdesk with SLA - clear overview of all opened tasks workflow management and compliance with deadlines, stored communication under specific events or customers
  • Planning - managing of events in planning calendar - their moving, allocation of dates and switching solvers
  • Calendar connector (Exchange, Gmail) - synchronize all events from other calendars into CDESK to have better overview of planned events

Used extensions - extra charged:

  • Message processing (All e-mails to CDESK extension) - automated sorting rules for creating new events in CDESK on e-mails coming to your company addresses, setting of responsible persons for processing of all other messages
  • Billing of work - detailed, structured contracts and performances evidence, various scenarios charging system 
  • Object database CMDB, SLA agreements - evidence of all devices with details and relations, SLA terms on these devices
  • Map systems - displaying of routes, places, devices and requests on maps with color and symbol division of technicians
  • GPS vehicle tracking - real time displaying of current vehicle's location and status on maps