Set places, devices and consumables

After creating the customer, it is important to define Place - this represents the physical location of technology (for example boiler house in the building A in Hastings, server room on Orange Street in Cantebury etc.) You can define unlimited amount of devices for each place. You can add consumables for each device, that uses them.

  1. Each customer can have unlimited amount of places
  2. Each customer can have unlimited amount of devices
  3. Each device can use several types of toners and supplies

All of these information can be added through the customers details page.

Choosing customer

Image: Choosing customer

There is an option to filter only customers who don`t have any places assigned using the extended filter.

Filtering customers with no places assigned

Image: Filtering customers with no places assigned

Adding place to customer account

First, you have to open the customer details page.

Customer details page

Image: Customer details page


Click the Places tab and then click the Add a place button.

Places tab

Image: Places tab

When the creating window opens, fill in the fields and click the save button.

Adding new place

Image: Adding new place

During the creation of a Place, it is possible to assign multiple contacts to that place. These contacts will be notified about the process of solving the request to confirm allocated deadlines. Click the button Add a contact, fill in the fields in the shown formular and click the Save button. You can repead this process to add more contacts to this specific place.

Adding new contact

Image: Adding new contact

After clicking the Save button, new place will be saved and you will be redirected to the list of places.

List of places

Image: List of places

Adding device to the customer account

To add a new device navigate to the Devices tab and click the button Add device.

Adding new device

Image: Adding new device

Select the group of objects (this can be defined in Object database). For example, you can have a group called IT Devices. Then select a subgroup of objecs, devices and click continue.

Creating new device

Image: Creating new device

After the new window is shown, choose the location of the device and fill in other fields.

Basic information

- Customer / owner  - this one is automatically filled when adding device through the customer details page (mandatory)

- Place - Choose the location of the device from the list of places assigned to the customer

- Name of device - Specific name this particular device (mandatory)

- Sequence number - sequence number of the device

- Lifecycle - You can choose from the following options: in using, reserved, taken out of service, disposed

- Manages - Information about support provided for this device

- Link history with another object - ?

Certain groups of devices main contain additional optional information(technical, general properties etc.).

After filling the fields, click the Save button.

Saving new device

Image: Saving new device


Adding toners & supplies to device

You can assign toners & supplies to any device by clicking the Devices tab in the customers details page. A list of available devices will be shown. Double click the desired device you want to add toners & supplies to.

Choosing device in the customer`s details page

Image: Choosing device in the customer`s details page

Click the Toners & supplies tab. You can either assign Toners & supplies or add a group of material with alternatives here.

Notice: You can view the history and dates of replacements over the device(these dates are filled by operator in request when the supplies are physically replaced).

Toners & Supplies tab

Image: Toners & Supplies tab


    1. Assign Toners & supplies - after clicking this button, a list of pre-defined toners and supplies will be shown. You can add certain type of supplies by double clicking anywhere in the row or by clicking the Add link at the end of the row. You can also assign more devices at once by selecting the multiple checkboxes and clicking the Add selected button.

Adding toners & supplies

Image: Adding toners & supplies

You can change the predefined lifetime period, number of pieces to replace or order to replace. 

Adding toners & supplies

Image: Adding toners & supplies

If you wish to add another items, click the button Assign toners & supplies. You can remove items by clicking the red symbol "-" in each row of added supplies. After you finish adding supplies, click the Save button.

    2. Add a group of material with alternatives - you can add multiple types of supplies(alternatives), from which you can choose based on what is going to be required(what is already in stock) when you are creating a new request.

Add supplies to the group by clicking the green "+"(you can remove added items by clicking the red "-").

Adding group of material with alternatives

Image: Adding group of material with alternatives

The same list of predefined supplies will be shown. Choose desired items and click the button Add selected. You can use filters above the list.

List of alternatives

Image: List of alternatives


Adding objects via CMDB(Object database)

Only maintainer has access to object database. Navigate to Admin zone -> Main menu -> CMDB. You can see all created object of chosen group in the list - you can change the group by clicking the dropdown menu in the upper left part of the CMDB section. You can add new objects by clicking the Add button.

Choosing category form CMDB(Object database)

Image: Choosing category form CMDB(Object database)

After selecting the group, choose the subgroup, choose the customer, place, name of device and some other information.

Adding new object

Image: Adding new object

Filling object details

Image: Filling object details

After filling all fields, click the Save button. Additional information such as Toners & supplies etc. will be available after saving your new object.