Request terms

Setting of various times and deadlines in request

During the creation of new request, the response and deadline terms of request are set by chosen priority or request type. These times are predefined for each priority independently and default values can be changed under maintainer’s settings in Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> Default SLA -> section Default setup of SLA's basic priorities. After choosing the priority in request, you can edit these times manually by clicking on the desired term(response or completion), change it and confirm by saving the request.

Response and completion deadlines

Image: You can change response and completion deadlines by clicking the fields

There are four times counted in request, depending on your settings and enabled statuses. This can be used for effective planning, monitoring and reporting of performed activities by operators. Monitoring of various terms – TTO (Term to Own), RT (Response Term), TTAS (Term to Alternative Solution) and TTR (Term to Resolve) of request are based on current status and are illustrated on following figure.

Request terms

Image: Predefined SLA response and completion deadlines


All allocation activities performed in calendar are described in detail in Planning calendar’s article – This is a useful tool for planning. Here you can visualize the requests and planned tasks events, move the terms and allocate them, see the schedule of all operators separately and much more.

Allocated terms

Image: Allocated terms

Planning calendar

Image: Planning calendar