Request list

Requests list is an tabular overview of requests containing of their details. All columns with specific information (except request ID) can be hidden to make the list more transparent. Requests list can be filtered to view only desired data. By activating the Side preview, you can split list by two sections - left list of requests and their detail on right. All requests can be shown in map (when the Maps and GPS module is active).

Order of shown requests list from the top: my requests (where I am solver) waiting for response, my requests after deadline, other requests (of other operators) which are visible regarding to my - operator's settings.


Information provided on request list page

Request list page options

Image: Request list page options
  1. Filter can be used for easier orientation in requests. Here you can search for records with specific parameters. Useful help to filter can be found under question symbol at the right side of screen. After filling the desired parameters, click on “Search” button and the requests meeting the criteria will be displayed. There is an extended search button next to the “Search”, which will open the additional filtering options – all search fields can be hidden under this magnifier button by clicking on "Edit filter" symbol. This way you can hide unused fields and make filter more compact and transparent.
    All filters can be saved as Custom filters to avoid repeated filling same parameters. Enter desired filtering data, click on green "+" symbol and choose color and name of filter. Custom filters are displayed under top filter in hideable area. They also can be edited or sent to other operators by holding mouse over its button and clicking on displayed options.

  1. Calculations link opens the calculations list. From here you can create and edit non-binding price estimations of work and material which can be sent to customers. It can also be linked with request and transformed into price proposal (quotation) of planned trades. More about calculations can be found in Calculations article.

  2. Authorized people link is used by operator to check, if the person is authorized to enter the requests into CDESK, for example by phone. If the operators finds the person as authorized to enter requests in customer, he can enter the request in the name of this person. Authorized people can be added in Admin zone -> Customers – settings -> choose customer -> Contacts tab -> Other contacts. Customer accounts are set as authorized people automatically.

Authorized people

Image: Authorized people
  1. New request button opens the page of request creation, from where you can enter the parameter in new request. There is a small arrow within this button which lets you to change the new request to Internal request (customers are not notified about the request changes, except discussion posts – they are sent as from normal request). If you change the button to internal request, CDESK will remember your selection and it will stay as internal until you will change it again to normal request.  Further information about creating the requests can be found in Requests chapter.


  1. Export to Excel button allows the operator to view the actual request list (filtered) in MS Excel table. From here you can export or save the result into your document.

  2. If you select more lines in request list (by selecting the checkboxes), with Further actions you can choose the action performed on selected lines – Change selected or Add fulfillment to selected.

  3. Edit columns icon opens a window where you can select hidden and visible columns. Manage tabular view and hide unnecessary information.

  4. Show in map button will open map window with location of selected requests and their detail description on left side.

  5. Side preview icon – clicking on this icon switches the view of request list to side preview. More info with screenshot can be found further in this article.

  6. Request list contains of lines. One line means one request, which has its own ID, Company (Customer), solvers, terms and other useful information.

Note: when you click on a column title, related records will be sorted by an order (e.g. closest/furthest date of completion, ID – ascending/descending etc.)


Symbols occurring in requests list and in Initial overview

Following list describes the information symbols which are appearing in request list and in Initial overview under specific conditions.

Note: If the request contains a proposal and/or calculation, this information will be displayed under its title in request list.

Symbols list

Image: Symbols list

Note: for using symbols 1,2,3, enable displaying of response time in the list of requests - under maintainer’s settings in Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Helpdesk -> section Deadlines, time measuring -> Check Display response time in the list of requests. Other symbols are always displayed (when legitimate).


Side preview of request list

Appearance of request list can be switched to list with side preview of records (split view). This option lets you to see inside of each request directly without need to explore each request separately.

Side preview of request list records

Image: Side preview of request list records