Allocation via calendar

After moving of mouse cursor over the calendar event, additional information will be displayed in the box as a Title, Term, Customer, Place and Solver.

Window with additional info about calendar event

Image: Window with additional info about calendar event

If you want to change the terms, solvers or allocate the calendar events directly from calendar screen, you need to enable the option of Allocating deadlines in these Scheduling settings.

Note: with disabled deadline allocation you will be not able to set more times and terms of same particular task in calendar. 

Once you have the allocation enabled, events can be managed in calendar by following actions:

  1. Clicking on the event – this will display new allocation window. From here, the operator can set the exact time (or whole day) of allocation, solver and add an internal description (for operator’s use, it’s not sent to customer). At right, there is an option to send a confirmation e-mail to customer. After selecting that checkbox, you can see and insert additional addresses for confirmation (also the small bell symbol will appear in calendar’s event). When you click the “Allocate” button, data you have changed will be saved and event becomes allocated. Also the color in calendar will change by type of an event. For direct opening of request, click on its title at the top of this window.

Allocation window

Image: Allocation window

Note: when you click on allocated event, from the window you can delete the allocation or create a fulfillment to it.

  1. Drag&Drop the event – when you grab, move and release the event over calendar area, allocation window will appear. Here you can edit desired data and confirm the allocation by clicking on “Save new allocation” button. Deleting the allocation with “Delete“ button will return the event to its original position and date.

Note: Drag&Drop function needs to be enabled in the top left corner of calendar by marking the checkbox. Disabled D&D option will not let you to move the events over the calendar.Drag&drop checkbox

Image: Drag&drop checkbox
  1. Sliding the mouse over an empty place – when grabbing and moving the cursor on empty place, you can create an event, which has three options in opened window: New (internal) Request, Personal note and Term allocation assigned to Request. Choose one of options and press the “Continue“ button. On next page, fill the data (vary by event type) and confirm to create the desired event.

Note: Ability to create these events must be enabled by marking the Drag&Drop checkbox at the top left corner of calendar screen.

Allocating new event by clicking empty space in calendar

Image: Allocating new event by clicking empty space in calendar
  1. View list of allocated deadlines – There is an „Allocated deadlines“ button at the top right corner of calendar page. Clicking on it, operator can view the allocated terms within the selected time period with information about each one, grouped by specific operator or customer. In case you have the Maps and GPS module enabled, you can view all allocated deadlines and their details in map, using "Show in map" button. Whole trace with distance is described next to these allocated deadlines in the list, also with option to view the trace in map. Here you can try to choose different, shorter or faster trace of your transport.

Allocated terms listed via Allocated terms button with trace description and opened map

Image: Allocated terms listed via Allocated terms button with trace description and opened map


Term confirmation by customer

There is an option of letting the customer to confirm your allocated terms in the Allocation window. By marking the “Term confirmation by customer” checkbox, list of addresses will appear. Usually, there are already entered Main contacts of customer and his place selected in request. You can delete them or add the new ones with some note for them. All e-mail addresses entered in this field will receive a confirmation message with links to confirmation web form.

Option to require term confirmation by the customer

Image: Option to require term confirmation by the customer

The event waiting for confirmation is displayed in calendar with small bell symbol. After confirmation (or refusing), the bell symbol will disappear and there will be an information in the event detail (visible after clicking on it in calendar) with option to show the details of confirmation – time and person who performed it.

Clicking on “Change the confirmation status”, the operator can edit or delete this information.

Confirmation details in allocation formular

Image: Confirmation details in allocation formular

Person who received the confirmation application by e-mail has an option to click the relevant link which will redirect him to the web form for term confirmation / refusal. Here, add a name, note and confirm. There is an option to change this form from confirmation to refusal and conversely. Web form is accessible also without logging into the CDESK.