Group settings

Creating new group

Only the maintainer can create the Group. Navigate to Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups. A list of operators and groups will appear. You can edit existing by double clicking it or create a new one by clicking the button Add group. Settings page of new/existing group divided into several categories will be shown.

List of operators and groups

Image: List of operators and groups

Group settings are divided into several categories:

General information - Use this tab to set name, description, basic contact information (email, phone...), set the group as possible solver for requests and other options

Assigned operators - you can select the assignment from list of operators by marking the related checkboxes. There is also an option to choose the operators responsible for this group from the list.

Important: if an operator is assigned into group of operators with different settings, these group settings are inherited by operator. Example: Operator have disabled notifications about new entered Request. If notifications are enabled in group's settings, all operators assigned to this group will receive notifications regardless to their profile settings.


Notifications - contains the settings of enabled / blocked notifications to this group same as described in previous article – Operator`s settings.

Permissions to modules this tab allows you to set permissions of the group for CDESK functionality. It is up to you to decide what the group can have access to. This will affect all operators in this group.

Permissions Contains detailed overview of permissions of the group for CM IT monitoring. You can set different permissions for each customer and even for each computer registered to customer monitor. This will affect all operators in this group.

Group settings

Image: Group settings