Setting the object database (CMDB)

Maintainer or operator with adequate permissions can manage (enable, disable, create new) main groups in Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI Main groups

CI Main groups

Image: CI Main groups

You can choose from multiple categories during the new main group creation. Some categories can only be used once so they will not be in the list for another groups.

Creating new main group

Image: Creating new main group

Notice: you can edit existing main groups by clicking Edit at the end of each row in the list of main groups.

CI Types

Main groups may contain multiple Types (sub groups) of objects. To view the list of existing groups and options to edit and create new, navigate to Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI Types. You can see the hierarchy tree on the left side of your screen with all existing groups of objects. Main groups are divided to smaller groups, as shown in the screen.

Setting CI types

Image: Setting CI types

You can expand or collapse main groups by clicking them. Settings of each group can be edited by clicking Edit or the wrench icon next to the group name.

Editing groups of objects

Image: Editing groups of objects

Add new property by clicking the button Add a new property. A window with creation formular will appear. There is an option to set Data type(it can be another object)

Adding new property of object

Image: Adding new property of object

If you click the specific group of objects in the left menu, a list of objects belonging to the selected group will be shown. You can create new object for this group from here by clicking the button Add new object, or edit and delete existing (the same functionality can be achieved by clicking CI List from left menu).

List of objects of chosen group

Image: List of objects of chosen group
Creating new templates of devices

You can manage your templates by navigating to Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI Templates. You can create, edit or delete templates from this page. If you expand groups in the left menu, a list of all corresponding templates will appear. 

To add a new template for device, click the button Add new template. If you choose a group of objects from left menu, it will be predefined in creation formular after clicking the button Add new template.

Creating new template

Image: Creating new template


Fill name of your new template and other optional properties of device and click the Save button to confirm changes. 

After saving the template, new options will appear - adding consumables (if you have this option enabled).

When this device will be assigned to a place, consumables will automatically be created with it too - you do not have to enter the consumables to your new devices manually.