Mobile application

Have your CDESK everytime, everywhere in your smartphone

Mobile app allows you to access CDESK data from your smartphone. If you are offline, entered changes will be updated after the device will connect to network. You will never forget to record your completed work directly under specific case and customer. Requests and fulfillments are accessible offline, synchronized in device for checking when needed. Carry your work available in your pocket.



Mobilná aplikácia pre Android a iOS

Mobile application with offline functions

  • Access CDESK from your smartphone or tablet device (available for Android and iOS)
  • Enter changes also when offline - they will be uploaded once the device becomes online
  • CDESK calendar synchronization
  • Manage lifecycle of requests - change terms, statuses, etc. Record fulfillments and performed work immediately
  • Notifications integrated in smartphone's OS

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Overview of Mobile application features:

Entering of new cases on customers
Working with requests, creation and editation, setting deadlines, terms
Entering of fulfillments - evidence of performed work
Synchronization of CDESK calendar with Exchange/Google calendar
Notifications from CDESK displayed directly in notification bar
Offline mode - read data, make changes and synchronize them after connecting device to network
Cases integrated into mobile application
Terms by extended SLA and connection with CMDB
Inserting photo as an attachment in request or fulfillment, directly from camera and gallery