SLA for devices

In order to be able to create SLA for a specific device, you must have CMDB module with main group SLA enabled.

Setting up

You can find these settings in Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI Main groups and find SLA. In the column Enabled it must be set to Yes. If it is not, click Edit at the end of the row and mark the checkbox Enable using and click the Save button.


Enabling SLA main group

Image: Enabling SLA main group


Once you have this enabled, you can create custom SLA object, which can be applied to places or devices. Navigate to Admin zone -> CMDB -> CI List and in the upper filter choose the option SLA to show existing SLA objects in CMDB. To create a new one, click the button Add.


Creating new SLA object

Image: Creating new SLA object


In the following window select option SLA and click Continue. Fill in the settings of your new SLA object and click the Save button.


Creating custom SLA in CMDB

Image: Creating custom SLA in CMDB



Applying SLA to a device

Navigate to CDESK -> Administration -> Customers -> choose customer -> Devices tab -> choose device


Selecting device from the customer`s devices tab

Image: Selecting device from the customer`s devices tab


A record of the chosen device will appear. Click the SLA tab to show SLA settings. In the drop down list Currently used SLA choose your custom SLA object.


 Applying custom SLA to a device

Image: Applying custom SLA to a device


Your SLA settings will be shown. Click the Save button to apply them to the chosen device.