Discussion in Proposal

Discussion in proposal is mainly used for negotiation about current terms of proposal (quotation), prices and further progress of this price offer (accepting or denying the terms by customer). Unlike the discussion in request, which is intended for communication about entire progress of the request with customer and Internal notes between operators – hidden communication for customer, dedicated for operators to chat about the request.

Customers and all operators can create the posts in proposal’s discussion by two ways:

  1. Using the link in e-mail with authorization to CDESK portal – via the web form

  2. Via direct login into CDESK

Notice: Link is in automatically generated e-mail, when the request status is changed to “in negotiation”.

Discussion in proposal can be also visible in request’s discussion thread for authorized users (authorized to see and react to discussion in proposal), you just need to turn the visibility on by checking the checkbox in Discussion in request, as displayed in following picture.

Showing proposals discussion posts in normal discussion

Image: Showing proposals discussion posts in normal discussion

It’s  also possible to enter the discussion posts into proposal by sending an e-mail CDESK. If you send a reply to an email to CDESK and you have enabled mail processing, this answer will be added as a proposal’s discussion post (discussion in request is visible also for users with lower privileges, unlike the discussion in proposal). Anytime when answering the CDESK e-mail and you want to add your text into any discussion, do not change the subject of this reply e-mail, it contains an identificator for correct recognition!



Opening the request via link in the email (case A):

Clicking on the link you will be redirected to CDESK web, when after logging in, you will see opened request on the Proposal tab. There is an option to add post to discussion at the bottom part of this proposal. After writing the new post, click the Save button.

Link in e-mail to CDESK request proposal discussion

Image: Link in e-mail to CDESK request proposal discussion

Direct login into CDESK (case B):

Discussion post can be entered also by logging into CDESK, in main tab Customer desk -> Administration -> Requests, choose one from a list of requests by clicking on it, go to Proposal (Quotation) tab and at the bottom you can add new post. Click Save to confirm changes.

After clicking the link in e-mail, you will be redirected to CDESK, where you have an opportunity to enter the post into proposal’s discussion.

Navigation to request proposal discussion in CDESK

Image: Navigation to request proposal discussion in CDESK

After writing the discussion post, it is necessary to click the Save button, CDESK will generate and send notification e-mail to all interested parties (operators, solvers, customer, etc.), that the new post has been entered in proposal.