Logged in CDESK portal

If you have a regular account, go to your CDESK portal page and login using your user name and password.

Login page

Image: Login page

When logged in, there is a CDESK tab on the top. From left menu, choose Administration -> Requests. Then click on New request button.

Adding new request

Image: Adding new request

Creation formular for your new request will appear. Fill in the details as shown in the following picture:

Creation formular for new request

Image: Creation formular for new request

Request name - name of your request, it is displayed in the request list

Customer - Customer this request is related to

Assignee - responsible operator for solving this request

Deadlines - specify your response and completion deadline terms

Status - status of this request

Description - describe the problem here

Place, Service Area, Request type, Request importance, Salesperson - optional field that can be enabled or disabled in Helpdesk settings. Allows you to specify additional information about the request.


Click the Save button to confirm changes. This will create and enter new request into the system. Now you can find this request in the list. Creator and solver of request will be notified by e-mail automatically – this is the basic setup. Notification from normal request is sent to customer in case of changing Term and Status, as well as new Discussion posts. There are many options to set additional notification addresses of other contacts.


You can also choose to create two more types of requests by clicking the small arrow at the end of the button New request:

  • Internal request - this is not fully notified to customer`s email. Only discussion posts will be sent to the customer, other kinds of notifications will be blocked.

  • Hidden request - this type of requests is completely blocked from the customer, no notifications are sent.

Changing type of new request

Image: Changing type of new request

Discover more information about notification settings in CDESK notifications.


Creating decription templates

There is an option to create templates with predefined description texts, it can be enabled in Admin zone -> Global settings -> Helpdesk tab -> Checkbox next to Request description . When creating new or editing an existing request, click the button Templates next to the description text field to open the list of existing templates. Click Use to apply selected template or Edit to edit it. There is a possibility to create new template by clicking the button New default text.

Viewing list of existing templates

Image: Viewing list of existing templates

Fill in the Title of your template and desired description. There are options to create the description in several languages.

Creating new template for request

Image: Creating new template for request

Click Save to confirm changes. Your new template will now appear in the list of templates for requests.