All CDESK communication with customers or between operators runs through the requests. Discussion posts are regular messages, which are sent to customer addresses. You don’t need to use e-mail client anymore, all messages and replies are created and united as one thread in request, where the history of conversation is clearly arranged, related to a particular task (request).

  • you can set e-mail aliases for message processing, so you can create various addresses of departments. Messages received by these aliases can be separately sorted by predefined rules

  • you can receive formatted text in html, with tags, bold text, links etc.  Appearance of e-mails is similar as text written in MS Word

  • you can set more sender’s names for e-mails from CDESK (for new requests and discussion posts), customer will see the public address

  • content of e-mail communication has a better look, similar to normal MS Outlook appearance (by enabling the simplified e-mail format, titles like “[operator]” or “[customer]” are hidden from discussion).

Entering of new discussion post - how to enter – there are three simple ways to enter the messages into discussion.

Notes between operators - discussion, which is hidden to customer. This is used by operators to solve an internal problems without letting the customer know about progress of solution.

Option to remove or add notification addresses in discussion - editation of recipients who can receive discussion posts 

Discussion (only in proposal) -  This proposal’s discussion is different from regular discussion in request. It has special rules of availabiity for allowed persons. Users can discuss the conditions and progress of price offer. More information about this kind of discussion is in Proposals, Quotations chapter.

All discussion posts, including notes between operators and discussion in proposal can be listed in main discussion thread in request. You have option to enable or disable visibility of particular type of posts by marking the related checkboxes above the discussion.