CDESK notifications

CDESK provides notifications about performed actions in requests by sending an e-mails to interested parties, e.g. changing the terms, status, priority, solver, adding the discussion posts etc. Some of these notification addresses can be set manually, Maintainer's and Solver's address are locked by defalt and cannot be changed by operators or users.

There are notifications of changing the request’s settings as well as notifications from discussion. These two kinds are diferrent from each other, but in case the operator will perform some changes in both areas, notifications will arrive in one e-mail message. 

Following list describes default settings, which addresses are notified about changes made in request under specific conditions:

  • Maintainer,
  • Creator of request,
  • Solver of request,
  • Assistant solver,
  • Operator assigned to customer,
  • Customer’s main contacts,
  • Customer’s place contact,
  • Customer’s account.

There is an option to enter additional addresses.


Under maintainer account, you can enable the option Copies of send discussion comments and notes to CDESK requests, which will notify you about every new discussion post and internal notes in requests.

To enable this option, navigate to Admin zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> Notifications. You can use this tab to set what exactly will be notified by CDESK.

Notification settings

Image: Notification settings


You can also edit the notification settings as an Operator. Navigate to Admin zone -> Users -> My profile -> Notifications tab and here you can edit all notifications made by changes in CDESK and have 3 additional options:

  • Send notifications from CDESK only as to solver

  • Copies of send discussion comments and notes to CDESK requests

  • Block error emails by C-Monitor schedule

Changing the notifications settings in a Operators profile

Image: Changing the notifications settings in a Operators profile