Approval of Request realization

Only the person with CDESK account (customer’s account) can approve or deny the request realization. Approval means that he agrees with fulfillment of request. When rejecting, there is need to stop or to consult the conditions of implementation.

If you don’t have an account, simply just reply to the notification e-mail and operator will process your approval or denial of request realization, depending on your attitude in replied e-mail.

Available ways of statements to the realization of requirements are:

Approval or denial via Quick approval – quick approval is usually used at known (contractual) terms of accounting and means confidence between customer and supplier. If customer needs the price estimate in advance, both sides can either deal this in Discussion – followed by quick approval, or they can use detailed price offer via tab Proposal (Quotation) in request and use the following method.

Approval or denial via Proposal –in case of larger expenses or if the customer requires detailed price estimation for each particular product, it’s better to create Proposal in CDESK. A simpler proposal can be entered directly. To do this this, we advise you to use Calculation tab. More information about using its using can be found in Calculations.

More complex price offers can be compiled in separate file (for example MS Excel), in CDESK proposal you can paste only the sum of price for each variant.

You can remain solving the offers outside of CDESK. Then, in request just switch the status to Ordered, but be careful not to mistakenly give an invalid offer, because you can get confused in plenty of e-mails.