This is a powerful tool for improving the performance of processes in your company. Requests are designed for evidence of all tasks and capturing their exact progress, allocation to individuals or whole groups of operators, planning and meeting the deadlines.

Requests contain all necessary information and tools for accomplishing the relevant tasks to support your business and commercial activities. Operators can monitor and plan the consumption of goods, chat between each other to allocate various tasks or solve full-featured communication with customers. Send them price offers and proposals, record and invoice all performed work. All of these mentioned features can be combined in just one Request.

Find out detailed information about how the requests work in following chapters:

Entering new Requests - various ways of entering new Requests into CDESK

Discussion - conversation with customers and between operators via CDESK

Proposals, Quotations - solution for communicating offers to customers

History of changes in requests -  capturing all processes related to Request

Approval of Request realization - approval or denial of starting work on Requests by superior person

Acceptance of completion -  option to accept or reject provided Request solution

Feedback - option for customer to leave feedback depending on his satisfaction with solution

Types of Requests - summary of all possible types of requests

CDESK notifications - read about possible notification settings in requests

Exporting and printing protocols - create Receiving, Acceptance and Complaint protocols for printing

Settings - Settings for Helpdesk module