CDESK allows you to effectively filter the requests by many different criteria. You can see filtering options in the upper part of the page. In case the filtering options are not shown, click the upper small arrow as shown in the following picture and filtering options will appear as shown in the following picture.

Now you can start filtering by any of provided options.

  • Customer - you can type in the name of the customer manually or you can click the field and the blue arrow will show at the end of this field which will allow you to choose the customer from the list.

  • Status - click the field and a drop down list with options will be shown

  • Priorities - choose the priority from the drop down list

  • Operator - You can use the switch next to this field to either enter the name of the operator manually or to choose him from the drop down list.

  • Id of request -  type in the ID of your desired request

  • Text - this will filter requests which have the given text in their request description

  • Additional filtering drop down list - you can use this to filter requests by certain conditions, eg. only with proposals, easyclick requests, internal or hidden requests, with discussion etc.

  • Drop down list - you can filter requests by their certain conditions, eg. Entered on, completed, accepted completion etc. during a specified date interval. Date interval must be filled in order to filter by your selection, otherwise this field will have no effect to filtering.

  • Date interval -  Fill in the starting and ending date in from and to fields to show only request meeting the condition in the previous drop down list.

  • Request type - You can filter the requests by predefined request type, just choose from the drop down list.

You can enable extended filtering options by clicking magnifying glass next to the Search button. 

Enabling extended filtering

  • Deal - Filter list of request by a specific deal

  • Entered by - filtering by the creator of the request

  • Expenses - Filtering by expenses from cases(projects)

  • Past solver - Option to filter by the past solvers, including request where the Operator was a solver but was replaced in the meantime