Keep task fulfilling clear

Don't be afraid to rely on powerful heart of CDESK - Helpdesk. Effectively manage workflow of all your support and business activities  in one place, from anywhere you are. Measure intervals of first response and final providing solutions (SLA), survey a satisfaction, Delegate tasks on specific solvers, groups, subordinates. Keep detailed evidence of customers which you are taking care of, Control whole lifecycle, include status and communication . IT companies take advantage of ITIL compliance.


Helpdesk with workflow organization

  • Records and scheduling of requeststasksproposals, and fulfillments with many optional attributes and attached files
  • E-mail and SMS notifications about selected changes
  • Assigning of requests adapted for individual needs operators and groups with recorded history
  • Record discussion with customers, between operators, separate discussion about price proposals in requests
  • Acceptation of request completion with feedback rating from customers
  • Custom access rights by users, customers, objects 
  • Various ways of entering the requests - via CDESK portal, e-mail or web form
  • Substitution between operators with temporary access to their work
  • Quick overview of current state of processes in company
  • Exports and reports of specific, filtered data



Helpdesk with object database is a heart of all CDESK features. Complete and extensive range of functions for managing of various tasks and solutions. All CDESK modules are scalable and able to be adapted on small or big enterprises, no matter how many employees they have.

Capture the whole lifecycle of task solution in CDESK, from its creation and assignment to a particular person or group. Bring all communication channels together and record transparent communication about changes in requests between customers and operators.


Overview of the Helpdesk function in CDESK

It´s scalable, in the basic configuration convinient for small companies with lower demands (without detailed options), up to functionalities of the Enterprise segment. Helpdesk could be integrated in one environment with technical section Customer Monitor.

Basic properties
Records and scheduling of incoming requests
Categorization and bonding of requests
Requests management adapted for individual operators, for groups – teams, for a company with central dispatching / without dispatching
Records of performed work (with sorting in the Billing), an option to divide records into actual work and that what is invoiced (internal and invoicing fulfillments).
Automatic notification of requests status to those interested
Confirmation of requests realization
Authorizations / system of access rights for various types of users
Satisfaction ratings from the customer after completion of the work.
Linking with Active Directory

Entering of Helpdesk Request

Image: Entering of Helpdesk Request

Simplified form of entering the Request via Customer's account

Image: Simplified form of entering the Request via Customer's account

Methods of entering a request

Via CDESK - EasyClick request from a client software including the option to take a screenshot
By Email, based on the sender´s authorization (Eventually, a way without authorization will be added, with an option to choose from received emails)
By a Web form
After login to CDESK (under an operator or a customer account)
Automatically from technical section of CM from an error

Request Properties:

Two-level categorization
At the highest priorities, urgency by SMS
An option to assign a request to a device, computer
Escalation of a request unfinished within deadline to the superiors, automatic notification
An option to attach a file to the request
Notification by email after every more important change to the interested people
Discussion comments to the request (also by email or a webform)

Request confirmation:

By a responsible person:
- quick approval, quotation approval or rejection of the request
Easily accessible list of people authorized to enter requests

Properties of fulfillments entered into request:

Sorting of fulfillment through an invoicing item from the Billing
An option to attach any file to the fulfillment
Simplified entering of one fulfillment to several requests
Records of complaint fulfillments
Direct printing into service protocol

Accesses, authorizations and range of displayed data

Optimization of displays and accesses for different operator positions
superior – visibility of all data
independent expert – visibility and editing of records in a narrower area
helpdesk worker – only sees his work
Additional configurability of authorizations for lower positions
Pre-configured displays for customers (customer accounts)


A couple of reports and stats to the complex information for the customer and the service department
Service protocol from the fulfillment
Export into Excel from the current view of tables
Email and SMS notifications