Creation of new Fulfillment

There are two types of adding new fulfillment:

Adding new fulfillment from the request`s details page
Adding new fulfillment from the left menu
Description of creation formular



Adding new fulfillment from the request`s details page

You can add new fulfillment inside of each request, navigate to CDESK -> Administration -> Request -> open request details page -> tab Fulfillments (Activities).

Fulfillments tab in request

Image: Fulfillments tab in request

Click the button Add fulfillment, creation formular will appear. 


Adding new fulfillment from the left menu

Navigate to CDESK -> Administration -> Add fulfillments. Overview of the current month containing list of all existing fulfillments will be appear. To add new one, simply click Add fulfillment on your chosen day and a creation formular will appear.

Adding new fulfillment from the menu

Image: Adding new fulfillment from the menu


Description of creation formular

You can switch between Complete and Simple form by clicking the drop down list at the top right corner of the formular. Complete form is described below.

Formular for adding new fulfillment

Image: Formular for adding new fulfillment

Request - Request this fulfillment will be assigned to is shown here. Clicking it`s name will redirect you to to request`s details page, fulfillments tab.

Reclamation (RMA) fulfillment – is used for statistical differentiation of works on reclamations. If you set the request type as reclamation, also the fulfillments will be automatically set as reclamation in default (this setting can be unchecked in each fulfillment separately)

Fulfillment text – brief and accurate description

Insert name of request – option to copy the name of request into fulfillment text. This is not necessary for reports from CDESK, this option is for users who want to make specific reports. We advise to use this if you will be entering the fulfillments for several requests at a same time. Insert your text between the names of requests – it will be clear which request this text concerns to.

Enter request description - option to enter request description into fulfillment text. It will be more clear which request this text concerns to.

Operator – this box always sets the logged operator by default. Only the main operator or maintainer can register and assign new fulfillment on another operator.

Location of fulfillment (Ctrl+X) – Using this key shortcut will list your predefined places in the box. More information about setting these places for each customer can be found here: Settings. 

Transport – after checking this box you can choose one of pre-defined types of transports with default values. They can be set for each customer in Admin zone -> Customer – settings -> choose customer -> General settings -> CDESK settings. Set the default value for each transport type.

Start time, end time – enter the starting time of fulfillment (including minutes). Hint: if it was finished same day as it started, simply just put the end time of accomplishment in related box. Next to this box, you will immediately see the duration of provided work.

Other time – amount in this box is added to working time from-to. Use this Other time also in case you don’t want to show the exact times of work to your customer (when you performed the work). Enter only date (without time) in Start time box – time will be automatically set to 00:00, then just choose the entire duration in Other time box.   

Fulfillment on devices – for evidence of work performed on particular device. After clicking on the related button, list will offer you all registered devices at customer.

Note to customer - you can leave notes for customer by clicking the "+" button and textbox will be shown.

Internal note – invisible for customer’s accounts and Easyclick accounts. This means, that it is not accessible to customer and you can use it within company (service provider) to record important information.

Used material – register of used material, goods transferred to customer. This is a text form and is recorded in reports of fulfillments (e.g. to be checked by economical system)

Attached files – option to add some attachments to fulfillments (contracts, pictures, plans etc.)

E-mail with fulfillment to customer(bottom right corner) – if you want to send a copy of this fulfillment, check this option and after saving of this fulfillment, e-mail will be sent to entered addresses. Use this if you want to send the record separately from automatic notification e-mail of request (e.g. when changing the request’s settings – solver, terms etc.)

After filling all details, click either Save & Add others or Save & Close based on your needs to save new fulfillment.