Adding and approving fulfillments


Creating new fulfillment

To add new fulfillment to a project case or subcase, navigate to CDESK -> Projects -> Add fulfillments. A list of days will appear. Click the link Add fulfillment in your desired day and creation formular will appear.

Adding new fulfillment to projects

Image: Adding new fulfillment to projects

Creation formular for new fulfillment

Image: Creation formular for new fulfillment


 For more information about creating new fulfillment, read article Creation of new fulfillment.


Viewing existing fulfillments

You can view the list of existing fulfillments by clicking List of fulfillments in the left menu as shown in the following picture:

List of fulfillments

Image: List of fulfillments

You can use upper filters to search for specific fulfillments.


Approving fulfillments

To approve fulfillments, navigate to Approve fulfillments in the left menu. A list of all fulfillments related to projects will appear. Maintainer, or operator with adequate permissions can approve or disapprove selected fuflillments. It is also possible to modify selected attributes by clicking them.

List of fulfillments for approval

Image: Zoznam plnení na schválenie