Add new customer account

  • Adding new customers using wizard

To add new customer, go to CDESK -> Administration -> Customers and click the button Add customer

Adding new customer

Image: Adding new customer

In the first step fill in the fields(fields marked with a star are required)

New customer - step 1/3

Image: New customer - step 1/3
  1. Status - Enabled/Disabled in CM - this can be used to disable some customers without removing them from the system(you can enable them again in the future, disabled customers are highlighted in grey)

  2. Type of customer - You can decide if the customer has either CM + CDESK or only CDESK functionality

  3. Legal form - choose the legal form of the customer - it is information from CDESK operator

  4. Company/Name - name of the customer

  5. Shortened name (Customer Name) - this is generated automatically based on the company name, this shortcut is shown in Events in planning calendar, list of requests and e-mails.

  6. Street, City, Country - address of the customer

  7. GPS coordinates - insert GPS coordinates of the customer, you can acquire them by clicking the button Show in the map. A new window with map will pop-up. You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. Drag the blue marker to the address of the customer and click the button Transfer the GPS coordinated to formular to automatically fill the GPS coordinates fields in the formular. Choosing place in map

    Image: Choosing place in map
  8. Contact person - This person will be notified about the process of solving the requ

  9. Language for email communication from CM, C-DESK and EasyClick - You can set your default language from email communication here

  10. Further contact details - after clicking the checkbox, additional contact fields will be shown

After filling all required fields, click the button Next to continue.


In the second step you can define e-mail addresses that will be used for creating new requests(from allowed e-mail addresses, web form), adding coments to discussion.

New customer - step 2/3

Image: New customer - step 2/3

C-DESK structure of Billing deals - if you have already created Billing deals for other customers, it is possible to copy the same structure for the new customer you are creating. In the structure, you can define billing deals, billing items and Invoices which you will use for your customer(depending on your contract with your customer). It is not necessary to create new structure of billing deals at this point.

After filling all required fields, press the next button.


In the last step you can assign operators for your new customer. If a request is created or any changes are made to an existing request, assigned operator will be notified about it by email(or by SMS if higher priority is set)

*Notice: If you as the main operator wants to assign requests to technicians and monitor what hapens with them, set yourself the same way for each customer.

New customer - step 3/3

Image: New customer - step 3/3

You can add operators by clicking the green "+" button.

Adding new operator from the list

Image: Adding new operator from the list

Save the new customer by clicking the Save button.

After saving the customer, a small notificiation window will pop-up confirming that the customer has been saved. If you want to set rights to operators and groups for new customer, click OK and your will be redirected to Admin Zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups. (You can change the permissions individually or for more operators at once by selecting multiple operators/groups). If you don`t want to change the permissions individually just click cancel. Default permissions which operators and groups get for every new customer can be changed at Users -> My profile, global settings -> Default rights for new customers.

Successfully added new customer

Image: Successfully added new customer

After adding new customer new tabs are shown where you can add or change additional data(General information, Contacts, Places, Devices, Records of the customer)


  • Adding new customer using quick formular

If you want to add customer in a quick and shortened process, click the green "+" button. Fill in the fields(described above) and click the save button to save new customer.

Adding new customer using quick formular

Image: Adding new customer using quick formular