You can find basic information about personalizing the communicator to your needs.


Enabling the communicator module

Note: You must be logged in as a Maintainer to enable modules. 

Navigate to Admin Zone -> Main menu -> Global settings -> tab Communicator -> Check Enable communicator module

Enabling communicator in global seetings

Image: Enabling communicator in global seetings

Communicator module is now enabled. You can enable or change the communicator settings for each operator separately. More information below:


Enabling communicator for operator/customer

You can enable communicator for operator/customer in their details page in Admin zone -> Users -> Operators and Groups/Customer`s accounts -> choose operator/customer -> Section Communicator.

Enabling communicator for operator

Image: Enabling communicator for operator

Each operator with enabled communicator can chat with other operators by default, you can also choose whether he can communicate with customers. 

If you choose assigned customers, operator will be able to chat with customer he is assigned to. Alternatively, you can choose the option access by permissions which allows you to manually specify which customers he can chat with.


Enabling additional columns in contact list

 You can modify the contact list to show additional information about contacts. Click the Settings button to show drop down menu. You can choose from the following options:

  • Company - A new column will show the company name that the corresponding contact is assigned to

  • Note - An empty field next to each contact or group conversation will be added for you to write your personal note related to the chat.

Showing additional columns in contact list

Image: Showing additional columns in contact list


Adjusting notificaton volume 

You can adjust the notification volume by clicking the settings icon. A drop down menu will be shown. You can change the current volume setting simply by clicking the volume row. There are three possible levels of volume, loud, silent or blocked, each with a corresponding icon.

Changing the volume of notifications

Image: Changing the volume of notifications


Filtering options

There are two types of filters, one for contact list and one for history. 

Filtering the contact list

Open the filtering menu by clicking the filtering icon. You can filter by contacts status or by type of user/conversation.

Filtering the contact list

Image: Filtering the contact list


Filtering in history

Open the history tab and click the filtering icon. You can filter incoming, outgoing, normal and broadcast messages.

Filtering the history

Image: Filtering the history