Communicator with chat

Chat quickly, solve immediately

Save you valuable time with communication in CDESK via Communicator module. Now you can communicate with other operators and customers immediately, without long waiting for an answer. Always see which users or groups are currently online, if they read your message or are typing an answer at the moment. Whole conversation can be searched and is recorded in history – you will never lose track of what you were chatting about.

Communicator - chat between operators or customers with account

  • Quick response on messages via chat window  
  • History of communication accessible to superiors


Chat and send files to users or groups, create conference with support of voice and video transmission.
Whether you are using communicator directly from CDESK or via client application installed on computer, you are always connected with Helpdesk – you can directly create requests and discussion posts in them, comfortably from communicator window.

Valuable features of Communicator

be always in touch, solve problems quickly without waiting for an answer
instant messages between operators and with customers
contact list with operators and customer accounts online information
keep history of communication
sending messages with questions to more users, groups with optional awaiting for answers
organize conference with users in groups