You can view the full list of all Deals in the Cases menu. Go to: CDESK -> Administration -> Cases(projects). A list of all deals will be shown.

List of deals

Image: List of deals

You can use variety of filtering options to filter from the shown list. In case you do not see the filtering options at the top of the page, click the small upper arrow to expand the filtering panel.

Expanding the filtering panel

Image: Expanding the filtering panel

You can filter the list by any shown criteria. Just fill in the field you want to filter by and click the button Search.

Filtering by predefined options

Image: Filtering by predefined options

You can save your current filtering options by expanding the lower arrow and clicking the "+" button. Type in the name of your custom filter, choose the color and click the Save filter button. Your current filtering settings will be saved into your own colored button with chosen name. Next time you will need to use the same filtering criteria, you just click this button instead of filling the fields manually.

Creating custom filters

Image: Creating custom filters