Keep simple evidence of performed work

Simple work evidence is basic tool for clear overview of company's activities. Cases brings an order into your records - keep all information about performed work, place, date and duration. Get rid of papers and have everything you need under specific customers and cases.


Cases - business cases evidence

  • Customized items in cases and status categorization
  • Easy entering of fulfillments and performed work for each case by date and duration
  • Fulfillments approval / denial with superior's correction
  • Case expenses evidence
  • Optional: Billing module, which gives you a complex invoicing tool



Overview of Cases features

Customized Cases form by your requirements
Grouping of more activities under one Case for simple overview
Evidence of performed work for customers by case
Evidence of expenses and outcomes nedded for case
Operators can enteri their fulfillments, responsible person accepts / denies / edits them
Fulfillments contain of time and predefined / entered (one) rate of work
Option of direct invoicing of provided work and material, reinvoicing the expenses and charging under more rates of work

Approval of Fulfillments (performed work) entered in Case

Image: Approval of Fulfillments (performed work) entered in Case

When using Cases together with Helpdesk, besides evidence of fulfillments and expenses, you can assign all regarding Requests, which are easily searchable and available.

 Case (Project) with assigned Requests from Helpdesk

Image: Case with assigned Requests from Helpdesk