Billing orders

Billing order offers an option to assign the recorded works under the exact time intervals. Along with it, it divides the recorded works (fulfillments) to contracting and non-contracting (i.e. except the Regular fee) activities.

There can be more Billing orders within the one Deal, for example:

  • For evidence of works within the Regular fee and Regular fee with prepaid working hours, i.e. contracting Billing order.

  • For evidence of works, which are determined to be extra charged beyond the prepaid Regular fee (services for fixed fees, works charged in fees which are different from the service fees of overdrawn hours from Regular fee with prepaid working hours), i.e. non-contracting Billing order.

Each Billing order may contain several Invoice items which are displayed in fulfillment and their meaning is described further in this article.

Within the contractual Billing orders is recommended to define the standard Regular fee (via the list of Regular fees in settings of Billing order)

Note: ordinary orders accepted from customers are entered into CDESK as Requests.

You can create a new billing order by navigating to CDESK -> Billing -> Billing deals -> choose desired billing deal -> Click the button Add a bill. order.

Add billing order button

Image: Add billing order button

Fill in the fields and click the Save button.

Creation of an Accounting order in the Deal

Image: Creation of an Accounting order in the Billing Deal