Billing items

Billing item is the last (and important) level for delegating of work. Name of an Billing item is derived from its function, in many cases it represents the item in invoice. In case of non-contracting works (every time in addition to Regular fee), they describe the price under which they are billed. This is also true for contracting works with enabled type of service – with prepaid hours and charging the overdrawn hours in various fees.

Defined Billing items are displayed in CDESK fulfillment’s selectbox - this provides a space for sorting the fulfillments. This also applies to contractual items and items billed over the contract.

To create new Billing item, enter the settings of Billing order and click the “Add an Billing item”.

While creating new Billing item, you can fill the following parameters:

Invoicing item no. – describes the numeral order between Billing items inside of Billing order – items will be listed in Invoice by the numbers

Text of the item – you can use key combination CTRL+X to rotate from predefined texts

Permanent – if marked, the item will be copied into the new Billing order for new billing period automatically

Ignore this Billing item when creating a new invoice – By activating this option, the assigned fulfillments will be ignored in Invoicing of an order. Billing item doesn’t appear on the Invoice

Don't show fulfillments belonging to this Billing item in annex of the invoice - hide the fulfillments information (related to this Billing item) from the Invoice attachment

Don’t show unit price in fulfillments - when you set this option hourly rate/ price will not be displayed in selectbox for invoice item

Hourly rate – if this is not fixed Billing item and you want to invoice in a different rate than the defined in Billing order, choose “Enter a custom hourly rate” option and set the new hourly rate

To invoice this item – This is an important parameter at Invoicing the Deal. It is displayed in case you have chosen non-contracting Billing order (determined before Regular fee overdrawn services and services with fixed fees)

  • If you choose –in deal invoicing- option, Invoicing will be performed after selecting the Deal and clicking on “Invoice selected” button. This is the Invoicing in regular intervals

  • If you choose Blocked invoicing option, Invoice item remains unused and is moved to new Billing order in next billing period.

  • The Immediately invoicing option – during the invoicing of an order (i.e. when you select the specific Billing order and click the “Invoice selected” button), this item will be invoiced immediately. You can perform this invoicing type whenever it’s needed.

Expenses of this Invoice item – real costs of an Billing item (e.g. service of the device), this data is used for correct calculation of added value

Shares for operators – percentage of gross profit on Billing item for operator

You can add new billing item by navigating to CDESK -> Billing -> Billing deals -> choose desired billing order -> Click the button Add a billing item.

Add Billing item button in Billing order

Image: Add Billing item button in Billing order

Fill in the fields and click the Save button to confirm changes.

Creation formular of a new billing item

Image: Creation formular of a new billing item