Billing of performances

Save time by comfortable billing

Making your charging system easier and transparent, Billing in CDESK brings you a simple way of charging the wide range of contracting and non-contracting invoicing cases as various flat fees with/without prepaid hours, extra charging of overdrawn hours (or transmission of unspent hours into next billing period), charging services in different fees, evidence of work and invoice creation. In option with Accounting connector you can invoice also sold material and replacement parts. There's not any charging case you would not be able to bill in CDESK.



  • Detailed, structured evidence of performances
  • Billing of one-time deals or regular monthly invoicing of contractual services
  • Easy comparison of costs and revenues per customers
  • Optimized charging system for various cases and customers
  • Evidence of internal works without adding them into invoice
  • Evidence of internal works without adding them into invoice
  • Contractual services with fixed regular fees
  • Reports by Operator is a basis for evaluating of employees' motivation



Take advantage of our powerful Accounting module on your side. Do you approach to your customers individually in accounting of services? No problem – evidence of Deals, Accounting orders and Invoice items with options to charge various flat rates (regular fees), fixed or additional charges allows you to use a wide range of CDESK possibilities. Optimize your charging system of services to each of your customers individually.

Adjust your fixed regular fees, flat fees with prepaid of additionally charged hours, moving prepaid, unspent hours to next period, unit prices for services, transportation and much more.

In Accounting module, you can directly generate invoices for services and products. Connect CDESK with external stock evidence system and include additional data into invoices (material, etc.).

Basic properties of Billing:

Flexible records and invoicing of lump fees
Economical records of work and repairs with fixed costs
Records of internal works (the customer can´t see record of the actual performance)
Output for the customer either in the form of invoice or basis for accounting into another information system
Support of linking with accounting systems for transfer of invoices and work with stock
An entry into the Accounting agenda is performed by choosing an invoicing item in a fulfillment

Supported types of fees and rates for onetime invoicing from Cases
Service works with one service hourly rate or fixed fee - easy scenario
Supported service works with various service hourly rates or fixed fees
Supported with Accounting connector : Invoicing of goods


Supported types of fees and rates for periodic invoicing :
Contractual services with fixed regular fees
Contractual services with prepaid service hours with many options for free/overcharged prepaid hours
Service works or repairs charged beyond regular (contractual) fees
Non-contractual service works with various service hourly rates
Non-contractual works with unit prices
Traffic fees – in various combinations: fixed fee, distance, travel time
Financial lump fees (accounting of services)
supported with Accounting connector : Invoicing of goods

Outputs :

Specification or summary of work according to individual types of services (on customer, operator¬…)
Comparison of invoiced and internal (actually worked) fulfillments
Supported with Accounting connector :Synchronizing of invoices to your accounting system, import to CDESK a stock status
Detailed list of provided work for customer in selected period