CDESK Products

Organized job makes profit. Capture internal and business processes in your company with CDESK to increase profits and optimize expenses. Quickly and easily

CDESK is a complex, rich set of process management features and customer support loaded with many functions which you haven’t seen under one roof yet. Includes powerful helpdesk, task planning and management, billing, simplified communication processing, knowledge base, reports and much more. It's accessible from all over the world as a cloud service or solution running on your own server (on-premises)!

All details are optimized for best performance and efficiency of using it – CDESK has been created by real needs collected from our customers and now we constantly develop it to satisfy our treasured customers.

Thanks to CDESK, you are able to react quickly, plan precisely, solve tasks effectively and perfom daily activities significantly easier. Depends on which product will suit you best - it is flexible and as an option, we can tailor it to your processes. All products can be extended by various modules, enhancing their reach - described in each details and Solutions for various kinds of companies.



CDESK Timesheet

Handy tool for simple evidence of work
structured under one case.

Get rid of useless sheets - make your life easier

  • simple evidence of cases (projects) and all work at one place
  • overview of opened work, structured records
  • direct invoicing of customers
  • usable in all companies, particularly in consulting and law firms

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CDESK Service desk

Intended for task workflow management, precisely meeting the deadlines. It significantly improves quality of provided services and internal company operation.

Manage lifecycle of solutions - always be a step ahead

  • precise planing with mechanisms for meeting the deadlines
  • task workflow organization with its lifecycle management
  • evidence of performed work (fulfillments)
  • structured, various kinds of communication channels
  • support of ITIL (ITSM) for IT environment, IT services management in accordance with ISO 20000 standard
  • all functions from CDESK Timesheet included
  • essential for all companies, where missing the deadlines may cause serious problems and financial lossxxx

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Capture all opportunities and keep evidence
of contacts and customers with various attributes.

Master your business - have information on your fingertips

  • strong product in capturing of business processes
  • work organization, activities planning on top level
  • e-mail campaigns distribution
  • valuable assistant which suits best to trading companies

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Practical examples of CDESK benefits

Find solution of problems you are facing in your business. Case studies of situations which CDESK can handle easily.